Protect #Streatham schools!

The Conservative government has plans to cut the funding for schools in Lambeth by up to 16%. In recent years, Lambeth’s schools have made huge strides, with major improvements meaning that we now over 96% of our secondary schools are good or outstanding while 90% of our primary schools are good or outstanding. This puts us in the top 10% of all boroughs nationally.

But this progress could be reversed by the government’s plans. Lambeth Labour are working with schools, teachers and parents who are really concerned about this.

In Streatham Wells ward, which has a fantastic range of local schools, the estimated cuts would be significant:

Streatham Wells schools Income per pupil 2015/16 Income per pupil 2017/18 Estimated income per pupil 2019/20 Estimated change income 2015/16 – 2019/20
Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School £7,210 £6,847 £6,731 -£431,832
Dunraven School £7,152 £6,676 £6,563 -£807,437
Hitherfield Primary School £6,212 £5,664 £5,565 -£394,518
Julian’s School £5,772 £5,272 £5,181 -£465,569
St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School £5,153 £4,907 £4,822 -£148,594

Please join with our campaign to protect the hard-won improvements to Lambeth schools. Say ‘No’ to a slash in our schools budget. Sign this petition online.

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