#ActionTeam now turbocharged: say hello to Marianna!

The Streatham Wells #ActionTeam welcomes new addition Marianna Masters.

Marianna is born and bred Lambeth and has been appalled at the impact Tory and Lib-Dem coalition imposed cuts had on the community around her. She says “I’ve witnessed first-hand the difficult decisions hard-working people have had to make because of cuts and after Brexit I believe things could get worse. We need a strong council to ensure the impact of massive cuts to local council budgets doesn’t continue to make life even more difficult for hard working families in Streatham.”

Marianna grew up around Tulse Hill and Streatham: “I remember the old ice-rink and fell over often learning to skate! The new ice-rink and Streatham Leisure Centre is fantastic. It shows what can be done when the community comes together. Lambeth is growing again and I want Streatham, especially the High Road, to regain its status as a premier shopping destination. I am sure we will achieve that by working with the council, the local business improvement district and the community”.

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