Tory U-Turns on Streatham transport improvements

Streatham residents. Already fed up with Southern Rail’s continued applying service and another year of fare increases, now face 2 further blow, this time directly from the Tory Government.

Tory U-Turn 1: Blocking Streatham from being part of the London Overground network

The Government has gone back on its promise to hand control of Streatham’s railways to TfL. We will campaign with Lambeth Council and the Mayor of London to overturn this decision and get a better deal for commuters.

Tory U-Turn 2: Delaying promised step-free access to Streatham station

Thanks to local pressure, Streatham station was selected by the Government to be given a much needed make-over, to make it accessible for all. The work was promised to be completed by 2019. But now the Government has gone back on its word, and said the work won’t be done until 2020 at the earliest. If, like us, you think this further delay is not not acceptable, please sign our petition to the Government.

>> Sign our Access for All petition.


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