Our Streets: your priorities for improvement

Our-Streets-StreathamHundreds of Streatham Wells residents wrote into Lambeth’s Our Streets consultation to tell us what you like (and what you don’t) about your street, and ideas for local improvements.

  • You told us you like: quiet and clean streets, and greenery.
  • You told us you don’t like: traffic, speeding, ratrunning, lack of parking; dirty streets and litter.
  • You would like more: trees, crossings, traffic calming, and parking restrictions.

Over the coming months we will be working together with Council officers and local residents to help make some of these improvements that you have suggested.

Making our local arteries healthier

We will be focusing on improving some of the busiest routes through our ward, and by some of our schools – to make them safer and more pleasant, for children, their parents, and all of us to use. So if you live on or around Leigham Court Road, Leigham Vale, Valley Road, Leigham Avenue and Russell’s Footpath, expect to hear from us shortly with more details on proposed improvements. Several other roads will also benefit from traffic calming measures. We will be also doing a special project to improve the public space at the top of Leigham Avenue, where it meets Leigham Court Road.

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