New recycling bins

As your local councillors, we know that among residents’ top priorities are clean streets, reliable transport connections, and a healthier environment. Which is why in 2017 we are continuing to work harder on the issues that matter to you.

Clean Streets

We have kept our promise of maintaining weekly bin collections. And now we are improving the way that recycling collections work. The Council is providing new recycling bins for the majority of bins in Streatham.

This means fewer sacks for foxes and squirrels to rip through, cleaner pavements, and a saving of £450,000 for the taxpayer.

After our efforts to raise this issue at the Town Hall, flats above shops will now have a dedicated waste collection service for the first time. This move will cut down on litter in our main streets.

Through the Streatham Wells Our Streets programme, we will also be supporting residents to build planters in some of the worst fly-tipping hotspots.

Send us your views about how we can keep on improving our community.


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