Tory government u-turn over TFL running Streatham’s railways – another blow for our commuters

Streatham residents already fed up with Southern Rail’s continued poor service faced another blow to having efficient trains. Today, the Tory government u-turned on their decision to hand control of Streatham’s railways to TFL & the Mayor of London, and instead sacrificed Streatham commuters for those from Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has called on all commuters and politicians to join his campaign to overturn the decision.

The government claims handing over Streatham Rail’s abysmal train service to TFL would not result in any beneficial changes for passengers. However, since TFL took over the Orbital Line from Islington/Hackney to Peckham/Clapham Passenger satisfaction has risen to 92% – far higher than Southern Rail’s passenger satisfaction which fell by 8% last year.

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TfL have proved over and over again that when they have control of suburban lines there are more frequent trains, fewer delays and cancellations, more staff at stations and fares are more affordable.

Streatham commuters deserve a better service, and if that requires TFL to take over the running of Streatham’s railways then the government should do what’s best for commuters and not for the profits of a company that has already had another £20million public bail out whilst registering record profits.

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