Fighting flytipping in Streatham

Local Labour councillors have been pushing Lambeth Council to take a tougher response to flytipping and the dumping of rubbish. We are pleased that several people have recently been prosecuted and fined, and warning signs are now being placed around Streatham.

”If you see it, report it” – that’s the best way you can help these efforts to fight flytipping. Report it to 020 7926 9000 or giving the date, location and brief details.

We want to work with residents to find ways of tackling some of the worst dumping spots. If there is a place your neighbourhood you want to improve, do get in contact with us. Other measures we are doing to make Streatham cleaner and greener include: more and better bins; putting pressure on the waste contractors Veolia to empty street bins and collect the full green sacks promptly; pushing for takeaway outlets to deal with their littler and waste oil more responsibly; and boosting the recycling rates on our estates.

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